Julie Overturf oversees training for Leader to Leader™. She served on the lead team at Christian Life Fellowship In Port Edwards, Wisconsin for 29 years.  She collaborated with Diane to develop the group coaching format and content for Leader to Leader Group Coaching. She enjoys teaching and facilitating a variety of leadership workshops. Julie is ordained through the Assemblies of God  and is a certified coach through AG coaching. 



 I offer certification and licensing

to use  my LEADER TO LEADERTM Framework

and tools through coaching and/or workshops.


"Coach the Coach" sessions can be done by teleconference or in person, and we offer Workshop Facilitation Training sessions in person. 

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Sampling of Topics For Coaching & Workshops



What a huge difference it makes - both personally and for a team - when we understand our personal strengths. We use use one of the strengths books on the market (Living Your Strengths, StrengthsFinder 2.0, Discover Your Strengths, or StrengthsQuest) Clients complete a thirty-minute online assessment by the Gallup organization to learn their top five strengths. Diane shares her favorite tips and tools for designing Strengths workshops and working with individual clients. You will leave the training energized after gaining insights about yourself and equipped with new tools to help others. 


Values are choices we make about what’s important to us. They help us determine our priorities and can help us change our behaviors. Values tell us where to invest our time and help us to stay focused. Clients use coaching tools to help clarify their values and create steps to live them out.  



This fabulous coaching tool is Diane’s “Wheel of Life.” Unlike other coaching wheels, Diane designed hers with HEART in the center, as she believes that everything starts in our hearts and flows out to impact everything in our lives. We refer to each area of responsibility in our lives - as a “life account.” (Health, Finances, Relationships, Personal Growth, Work, and Living Environment) Just like a bank account, we must “invest in” as well as “withdraw from” each life account. This coaching tool is designed to allow clients time to step back from “working IN their lives,” and invest some time “working ON their lives.” 


Passions are what we LOVE to do - they drive us from the inside-out. Values are choices we make about what’s important to us. They help us determine our priorities and can help us change our behaviors. They tell us where to invest our time and help us to stay focused. Learn how Diane facilitates her passion and values workshops and coaches clients to clarify their passions and values.  


Visual coaching is an extremely  effective way to help clients move forward in life and leadership. Learn how Diane uses the whiteboard to coach her clients so they have a visual picture of "where they are" and "where they'd like to be." 



This workshop “normalizes conflict” and gives participants practical tools for dealing with it in a healthy way. Both personal and team conflict can either take us to a place of greater trust, or to a place where trust is never regained. It’s up to us to learn to manage conflict and use it to build trust. 



This workshop explores reactions to change and helps participants better navigate the journey of change for themselves and those they lead. Change is a natural part of life, and yet most people find it difficult even when change is a positive event. We will explore some distinct stages people and organizations must navigate as they move into their “new normal.” 


The Bible shows us three types of Spiritual Gifts - Motivational, Ministry, and Manifestation Gifts.  We focus on Motivational and Ministry Gifts. Clients or workshop participants complete an assessment and we spend our time together looking at each gift.  We explain how God has uniquely designed each of us. and desires for us to work together in unity.

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“The Leader to LeaderTM facilitator training is beyond words. Amazing and excellent. We started with a evening and half-day retreat and kept learning and growing. I met and bonded with new friends also. Looking forward to sharing these riches in months to come. I thank God and my church for this wonderful opportunity. This is a life changing training that was beautifully executed.”


Pastor Marykay, Ohio

"I am more and more grateful for the Leader-to-Leader Group Coaching Experience each year.  At the time, my life was so full, and I knew it was an amazing thing to be a part I just jumped in.  I knew it would help me in my business, and as a mom, but it's been so cool to see how God has used it in a ministry that didn't even exist at the time, with a group of people that didn't know each other, to affect multiple couples for a lifetime.


I can't wait until our team and the rest of our church are doing Leader-to-Leader!"

                  Heidi from Mt Olive Lutheran



“Having Diane coach me on ways to use StrengthFinder with clients was a value-packed, energizing time for me. It not only gave me more insight and clearer definition on the various strengths and practical ways to use StengthFinder with future clients, but it also clarified some core values with my own signature strengths.


I gained valuable information on how to leverage my own strengths and enhance my own skills by partnering with others who have complimentary strengths. The resource tools she gave me will be very helpful for coaching small groups of leaders in both secular and Christian arenas.


Diane has both a passion for coaching leaders and an energy for training others in how to leverage their strengths. I highly recommend her.”


Kristi Olson, Founder

Purpose Released