Bob O'Connor
Financial Wellness Coach

I am passionate about coaching people to understand sound principles of money management and gain control of their financial future. Besides coaching individuals and couples, I also enjoy facilitating interactive sessions for business and non profit organizations on Budgeting & Saving for Emergencies, Relationships & Money, and Tackling Debt.


I am a successful business owner, practicing dentistry and serving as president for Riverhill Dental Associates in Wisconsin Rapids for 40 years. I decided to pursue my passion for financial wellness and started O’Connor Coaching LLC in 2008 with my wife, Diane, after training with Dave Ramsey. I currently serve as a board member for Coach Connections, a national mastermind group for financial coaches. I've served our community in a variety of ways over the years, and I'm currently part of the Leader to Leader™ Network, serving on teams to help develop local leaders. 


Bob's Coaching

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Coaching helps you move from “where you are,” to “where you’d like to be.” It’s a relationship of growth; a process of change; a path of discovery.  


A good coach comes along-side you to listen intently, asking questions to draw out your personal thoughts and ideas. Coaching creates focus, motivation, and accountability. It can move you forward in life and leadership much faster than you could go on your own.


The Coaching Room in the lower level of the Heart of Wisconsin is a place where you can . . .


- Come up with a plan for spending your money 

- Be encouraged as you set up an emergency fund

- Learn proven methods to become debt-free