I've developed a visual coaching style using my whiteboard 

to help bring clarity and focus.


I offer:







All coaching is based on the FRAMEWORK I designed while I was working on my Master's degree through Rockbridge Seminary.

I enjoy working with key men and women in business, non profit, and community organizations, asking questions to help them to take stock of ‘where they are’ and drawing out their vision for the future. I'm energized by listening to scattered or fuzzy dreams and plans, and helping leaders “connect the dots” so they can see the big picture more clearly. I have a wide variety of interactive coaching tools in my toolbox that help people move forward faster than they could go on their own. 

As a designer, I'm also able to illustrate or diagram a model or plan, giving leaders an effective tool to use as they share their vision.


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                     " So THIS is what my brain looks like on paper!" Pam Heckman

"Diane was able to help me verbalize things I was feeling but had not yet clarified in my own mind.  I always felt as though I had Diane's undivided attention. After every conversation I walked away knowing I had been heard and challenged to take a step forward.   Diane is an amazing coach - and she has also helped me a great deal in developing leaders and teams.”  

Dr. Katherine Stickyl, PhD 

“Diane facilitated an in-service Team-building Strengths Workshop for the Student Advisors at Mid-State Technical College. I would highly recommend her as a strengths facilitator. Her knowledge, experience, and passion for the subject make her presentation highly engaging and enlightening. It's hard not to catch her enthusiasm for learning about and maximizing your strengths as she works with your group or organization. Knowing your strengths can give you greater self-insight and be used as a tool for communicating more effectively with others.”  

                                                                              Richelle Hoekstra-Anderson PsyD



I enjoy working with leaders and their teams - asking questions to help bring clarity as they think-through a current project or launch a new venture.


I also enjoy helping teams build trust and strengthen their organization through interactive workshops like Living Your Strengths.


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My Leader to Leader™ Group Coaching experience is a decidedly Christian approach to leadership development. More than a series of workshops, Leader to Leader uses the art of coaching to provide a proven, effective way to develop servant-leaders who live and lead from the inside-out. 


Imagine your church becoming a dynamic hub through which thousands of servant-leaders are developed. Imagine growing a unified, servant-leadership culture that permeates every area of ministry and impacts your community and beyond.


My friend Julie Overturf and I  have designed Leader to Leader™ with the busy leader in mind. We know that pastors understand the importance of developing leaders, but with the daily demands of ministry it can be challenging to design and implement a consistent leadership development plan. 


Leader to Leader™ is a tested philosophy and strategy based on our framework and using the art of coaching to facilitate the development of servant-leaders who:

     - Understand their personal design & calling

     - Appreciate the strengths of others

     - Clarify their personal values

     - Choose to live intentionally - God’s way

     - Grow in character, skill, and focus

     - Develop healthy relationships - building trust, handling conflict wisely

     - Influence others - with joy from the inside-out


“Leader to Leader™ has been one of the most beneficial ministries we have offered in the past 10 years. This leadership development experience is still bearing fruit in our church today, as a tool to not only develop leaders but to also help them discover where their gifts and talents lie! I would highly recommend it as an opportunity to help any pastor develop his or her staff in the area of leadership and vision casting.”


Pastor Chuck Schumacher

Senior Pastor, High Mill Church

N. Canton, Ohio


“I want to take time to thank you and Julie for facilitating the Leader to Leader™ training here at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.  The impact on our leadership team here was immeasurable.  The resource material and the group sessions were always insightful, relevant, and pertinent to the subject matter.  As a team we learned a lot about each other, our strengths, our values, and our abilities.  Through the knowledge gained, we will no doubt become better and stronger leaders, which in turn will help us move the church and congregation forward to a successful future.”


Terry J Halligan

Director of Operations

Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Weston, WI  54476






These coaching sessions bring clarity and focus to help you:


- Make a Decision

- Work through a Problem, Challenge,

   or Opportunity

- Clarify Personal Design

- Envision & Initiate Change

- Start Something New

- Merge Two People's Ideas

- Plan 

- Design










Description of the Visual Coaching 

"I walked into my “Brain on the Board” session today knowing that I wanted to talk about a vision for my program and what my evolving role in the program should look like.  As I walked through the door, my head was jumbled up with thoughts on strategy and more task-like to do items.  Everything was swirling around and I didn’t know where to begin to organize my thoughts.  


Success #1 for me was carving out time and space in my day to just focus on what I do and why.  Once Diane asked me a few questions, the ideas started to leave my jumbled head to take up residence on the white board.  At first, what was on the board looked jumbled too but at least it was out of my head so that I could think straight!  


With Diane asking some clarifying questions and guiding me through thinking about why, what, how and when, I was able to leave my session with a very clear, concise one-page table which lists my vision, my role, my partners, and my to do list for next steps.  In one hour I was able to go from a swirling mess in my brain to a concise plan on paper.  I feel calm, clear, and collected and all after only a one-hour coaching session with Diane O’Connor!"

                   Amy Luebke, DNR


"I am more and more grateful for the Leader-to-Leader Group Coaching Experience each year.  At the time, my life was so full, and I knew it was an amazing thing to be a part I just jumped in.  I knew it would help me in my business, and as a mom, but it's been so cool to see how God has used it in a ministry that didn't even exist at the time, with a group of people that didn't know each other, to affect multiple couples for a lifetime.


I can't wait until our team and the rest of our church are doing Leader-to-Leader!"

                       Heidi from Mt Olive Lutheran




“There is not an adjective that can sufficiently describe the time I spent in my two-day life coaching session with Diane. I was able to see the pieces of my life fit together and put my life purpose into words based on the questions provided and the gentle guidance Diane offered. We laughed, we cried…but mostly, we rejoiced in God’s orchestration of my life. It was truly amazing and inspiring.”


Sally Kissner

“The Leader to Leader facilitator training is beyond words. Amazing and excellent. We started with a evening and half-day retreat and kept learning and growing. I met and bonded with new friends also. Looking forward to sharing these riches in months to come. I thank God and my church for this wonderful opportunity. This is a life changing training that was beautifully executed.”


Pastor Marykay, Ohio




Coaching helps you move from “where you are,” to “where you’d like to be.” It’s a relationship of growth; a process of change; a path of discovery.  


A good coach comes along-side you to listen intently, asking questions to draw out your personal thoughts and ideas. Coaching creates focus, motivation, and accountability. It can move you forward in life and leadership much faster than you could go on your own.


The Coaching Room  is a place where you can . . .


- Clarify your strengths, passions, or values 

- Be encouraged as you consider a new endeavor

- Think through a challenge

- Connect & inspire your team

- Formulate steps of action for a project

- Choose steps to live more intenitonally

- Move forward in life and leadership



I've been coaching clients by phone and in person for over 10 years, and  I especially love coming along-side other coaches, passing on specific tips and tools through training sessions in person or by phone. For more information, see Training, or Contact me for more information​.

“Having Diane coach me on ways to use StrengthFinder with clients was a value-packed, energizing time for me. It not only gave me more insight and clearer definition on the various strengths and practical ways to use StengthFinder with future clients, but it also clarified some core values with my own signature strengths.


I gained valuable information on how to leverage my own strengths and enhance my own skills by partnering with others who have complimentary strengths. The resource tools she gave me will be very helpful for coaching small groups of leaders in both secular and Christian arenas.


Diane has both a passion for coaching leaders and an energy for training others in how to leverage their strengths. I highly recommend her.”


Kristi Olson, Founder

Purpose Released